U-Shaped Screen

U-Shaped Baffle ceiling are an easily mounted and extremely versatile system. U-shaped Box is an economic but long-lasting solution for false ceiling. Special unique Powder coating finish on panel is not affected by dirt & humidity. Shapes, colours, materials and technology, Mentalism truly offers endless choices.. It allows combination of Multi U-Shaped panels, available in wooden, metallic & texture finish.

Panels: 25mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm wide, length up to 3 mtr., Galvanized Steel 0.5mm & Aluminum 0.65mm – TCT.

Carrier: Various gap, 25mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm made of Galvanized Steel 0.6mm thick stove enameled / coil coated black.

Paint finish: 50-55 microns thick powder coating on exposed surface or 25 microns polyester coil coated over primer on visible surface with primer coat on rear side.