Slanted Louvers

Slanted Louver are highly innovative and gaining popularity in construction to cover the Ducts and used as a Ventilated facade system. The systems are easy and fast to install with variety of carriers with different louvers inclination. Panels come with a special high quality powder coating finish.

Panels: 84mm wide, 16mm deep, length up to 5 mtr. made of Galvanized Steel 0.50mm & 0.65mm Aluminum – TCT.

Carrier: Various dimensions (SL-4 / SL-5 / H-3) made of Galvanized Steel 0.6mm, Aluminum 0.91mm thick stove enameled / coil coated black.

Paint finish: Special high quality surface with Corrosion resistive Super Durable Powder coating, have properties capable of meeting the severe requirement of exterior applications, preferred with visible & rear both side powder coated.