Linear 84C / 184C

Linear 84C / 184C has been used extensively on exterior and interior applications and gives designers options for visual design continuity. Panels are clipped into the concealed suspension system to form a closed joint linear ceiling. It will give a rhythm to any Project, where colors and length come together. Various acoustical criteria can be met with the inclusion of acoustical inlays.

Panels: Square edge, 84mm / 184mm wide, 12.5mm deep, length up to 5 mtr.

Material: Galvanized Steel 0.5mm / 0.45mm, Aluminum 0.5mm - TCT.

Carrier: Carrier shall be 20 mm wide at bottom and 39 mm deep of 0.5mm Galvanized Steel stove enameled black to hold Panel in module of 100 mm.

Paint finish: 50-55 microns thick powder coating on exposed surface or 25 microns polyester coil coated over primer on visible surface with primer coat on rear side.