Lay-In Tile

Lay-In tile is most popular bearing system to realize false ceilings with visible 24 mm, 15 mm & Silhouette T grid. Panels are durable and versatile metal panel ceilings available in a wide variety of sizes like 600*600mm, 1200*300mm, 1200*600mm etc. Lay-In tile is simple to install and give easy access to equipment installed above them, allowing rapid intervention & maintenance. Lay-In tegular system provides an economic solution to many ceiling requirement. Various acoustical criteria can be met with the inclusion of acoustical inlays in the back of a perforated tile.

Panels: Square edge, 600 * 600mm / 1200 * 600mm / 1200 * 300mm & Customized.

Material: Galvanized Steel 0.5mm / 0.45mm / 0.40mm, Aluminum 0.7mm / 0.65mm TCT.

Paint finish: 50-55 microns thick powder coating on exposed surface or 25 microns polyester coil coated over primer on visible surface with primer coat on rear side.